Prophecy For Crown Of Life Fellowship

Prophecy For Crown Of Life Fellowship
Posted on Jan 22, 2012 in Prophetic Voices
For I am the Lord God that healeth thee that has come to the still waters of your soul and I say unto you my children that I have called every single one of you to the task at hand to build, to build, to build. Now is the time to build up. There was a time of tearing down, there was a time of uprooting…, there was a time to store, but now I say unto you there is a time to build up, to build up, to build up; to encourage one another to strengthen one another, to bond yourself together with my love; to have a bond that is impenetrable, unbreakable, that the enemy cannot tear apart.

I say unto you, put aside those things, those faults those criticisms, do not tear down but rather build up, build up, build up. See the good, see the blessing, see the triumph, see my new beginning, see my hope, see my blessing. Look to it. See it, receive it. Take it. Repent of criticism, turn from it. Do not allow it to control you. Do not allow it to control your speech, but rather build up, find the good. See the good, look to the good.
Am I not a good God? Do I not pour out good things? Do I not bless? Do I not heal? Do I not sustain? Do I not help in time of need? Therefore saith the Lord – respect, give honor to those who deserve honor. Give respect to those who are to be respected. Give place for those who have gifts. Look not to your own. Be not concerned with your own being lifted up, but exalt others. Help them achieve their goals. Help them arise to the task in their own life. Do not be self-sufficient, but rather humble, seeking my face, seeking my face for further deliverance, for help in time of need.
I have poured out a blessing upon this place, not just the physical building but upon these people. I have poured out a blessing and a triumph, a new beginning, a new hope, a new design, a new look, a new heart, a new group. Everyone, I say unto you – gather, gather, gather, gather, gather, gather those that are missing today, gather them. Gather them; undergird them, say, “can I help? How can I help?” love them. Bless them. but know this saith the Lord, I desire for this vision to go forth with great power and majesty, desire for this vision to be overtaking the world – to be overtaking the world, the flesh and the devil. Stand strong, stand firm, do not look back. Those that have gone in the days gone by, allow them to be gone. Push forward. Look to what I desire for you to do. What is it that I’ve called you to do? Where is your place on the wall? Where is your place? Where is your niche? Where is the place that I’ve called you? I’ve called you, not them, not the person beside you. Where is the place that I’ve called you to in this ministry? Where do you stand?
Is your hand to help? Is it to hinder? Is it to build up? Is it to strengthen? Is it to encourage? Or is it to stand by and watch?
I say unto you, I’ve called every single person to be about my business, the King’s business. I have put a call out, and those that would come have come; those that have gone by have gone by; have forsaken the vision. But know this saith the Lord- there is a blessing for the remnant. There is a blessing for those that desire to go on with me, there is a blessing; and you’d say, “well where is it Lord, is it hidden?” and I’d say no, I put the blessing before you. Receive it, take it, know that I want you to have it. and you would say, “but Lord, there are those that have found fault, those that have torn down, those that have criticized, those that say, there is no blessing, those that would say there is no hope, there is no answer, we’ve waited long enough, we’ve waited long enough, we’ve waited long enough”.

I have heard those words, they have been stout against me saith the Lord. but know this saith the Lord God, those – the remnant, those that remain, those that remain steadfast in my word, remain steadfast in me, remain steadfast; that they will not allow anything to tear them down, they will not allow anything to stop them from the mission at hand, they will not allow anything to stop them from pursuing what it is I desire for them to do. Know this saith the Lord, there is a blessing, there is a blessing, there is a blessing and this blessing is for you saith God. The blessing is for you. Take it receive it, take it to yourselves. Do not be concerned and say, “Well Lord, I can’t take the blessing, I’m not worthy”. You are worthy because I’ve called you worthy. I have forgiven you; I have shed my blood for you. You are worthy because I say you are worthy. Now go forth in this – the knowledge that you are my children, you are my beloved. I love you and will make sure that the blessing is manifested right before your eyes in the name of my son Jesus Amen. Amen.
We praise you Lord and we honor your Word this morning. We do not despise prophecy Father; your Word says not to despise it. So we honor your Word Father. We honor it. We say thank you Father God for speaking to us today. We worship you Jesus. Amen. Amen