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Message Series
KINGDOM OF GOD By Pastor Douglas Madea
In this series you’ll learn about God’s Kingdom and how to do things His way to become extremely effective and victorious in faith while living in this strange upside down world.
Complete Four Volume Set, Fifteen  CD’s total 
$60.00+ S&H suggested offering
Or Order a single CD suggested offering $5.00 ea. +S&H
Kingdom of God Volume 1: $20.00 suggested offering
CD#1: The Kingdom of God:What, Where and When
CD#2: Recognizing the Presence of God
CD#3: The Garden of Eden:
CD #4: Kingdom Thinking
Kingdom of God Volume 2: $20.00 suggested offering
CD#5: Call No Man Your Father
CD #6 You Must Be Born Again
CD #7: How to Deactivate Fear
CD #8: Kingdom of God vs.  The World
Kingdom of God Volume 3: $20.00 suggested offering
CD #9 The New Treasure Within 
CD #10 The Place Where Prayer is Heard
CD#11 Believe the Mystery
CD#12 Be Still and Know- How to Draw Near to God
Kingdom of God Volume 4: $15.00 suggested offering
CD #13 Eternal Life
CD #14 The Good Fight of Faith
CD #15 Dominion



GIDEON By Pastor Douglas Madea
THREE CD SET–$15.00 +S&H suggested offering
Or Buy CD’s Individually for $5.00 each + S&H
1. Gideon Spiritual Warfare
2. Gideon Part Two
3. Gideon Part Three
THE FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT By Pastor Douglas Madea
2 VOLUME SET (8 CD’s)  $40.00 & S&H  
Or Buy CD’s Individually for $5.00 each Plus S&H suggested offering
Volume 1:
CD #1 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 1 – Love
CD #2 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 2 – Joy
CD #3 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 3 – Peace
CD #4 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 4 – Patience
Volume 2:
CD #5 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 5 – Gentleness
CD #6 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 6 – Goodness
CD #7 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 7 – Faith
CD #8 – The Fruit of The Spirit – Part 8 – Meekness and Temperance

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CD’s Sets

SINGLE CD’s by Pastor Douglas Madea
$5.00 each Plus S&H suggested

1. Arise and Come Away
2. Choose to See What You Do Want
3. Draw Near To God: A Place of Protection
4. Parable of the Sower
5. Resurrection: Live vs. Damnation The Return of Jesus Christ
6. The Day Jesus Got Sick
7. The End Times Church-THE LAODICEANS
8. Deeper Things – Right Thinking About Your Status and Relationship with God
9.Submitting to His Righteousness, The Importance of Fellowship
10. The King Says, ” Come Up Here”
11.The Nicolaitans
12. The Return of Jesus Christ
13. Thy Will Be Done
14. Tithing: Getting Some Answers
15. What Are You Thinking About?
16. What Have You Done? –Or Not Done
17. Who is Your Lawyer?–I Can Recommend the Best

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