They overcame him(Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. At Crown of Life Fellowship we are believing for breakthrough in all kinds of areas this year 2017. The following testimonies are from Crown of Life Fellowship Congregants. Whatever you are standing in faith for be encouraged that your breakthrough is coming soon!.
Here are just a few testimonies of what has been happening lately:
•  Pia M. prayed for money to come in.  Pastor Gretchen                      prayed for her wallet to have cash.  She received a check                for $200.00.  Thank You Jesus!
•  Rev, Pat asked God for help to pay for her mother’s                          funeral costs.  Someone offered to pay for half or more of 
   the expenses.  Thank You Jesus!
•  Kasey P. asked the Lord for money to pay off a debt  early.              The Lord came through as her provider and the debt was                paid off early.  Thank You Jesus!
•  Glen and Cheryl S. prayed for more finances.
   Their landlord gave them money for watching his dog
   while he was in the hospital.  Thank You Jesus!
• Pastor Gretchen asked for flowers for her garden.  The                   exact kind of flowers and specified color were on 1/2 price           sale. Thank You Jesus!
• Kathy W. asked God to show His favor.  Kathy stopped at a             restaurant.  The woman in front of her paid her bill!  Thank    
 You Jesus!
• Pia M. sowed a financial seed unto the Lord for a new computer.  Her sisters bought her an expensive computer and said they  would pay for half of it.  The rest Pia may pay them as she can.  Thank You Jesus!!
• Glen S. found $20.00 at work.  After waiting a month to see if     someone claimed it, his company gave him a $15.00 gift card       and the $20.00 for being honest.  Thank You Jesus!
• Celesta M. prayed for a larger job raise than .25 or .35 like           before.  She was notified she’ll be getting a $1.00 per hour           raise!!! Thank You Jesus!
• Trudy L. prayed for an increase in tips.  A client left a $20.00        tip for a haircut that only cost $20.00!  Thank You Jesus!
• Pastor Gretchen prayed for finances to pay her bills and sowed     a seed in faith to help someone pay their bill.  Withing 7 days     someone from outside the ministry gave money to pay Pastor       Gretchen’s bills.  Thank You Jesus! 
  Ray & Celesta prayed for money to pay bills.  They both were        sent a check from an employer they worked for a while ago.          Thank You Jesus!


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