They overcame him(Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. At Crown of Life Fellowship we are believing for breakthrough in all kinds of areas this year. The following Praise Reports are from Crown of Life Fellowship Congregants. Whatever you are standing in faith for be encouraged that your breakthrough is coming soon!  Here are just a few praise reports of what has been happening lately:



Pastors Douglas and Gretchen had so many church family and friends that came to our daughter and son-in-law’s baby shower from all over. We wanted to thank the Lord for blessing us and our daughter and son-in-law so much. We thank You, Jesus!!!
Glen and Cheryl S. were recently blessed with homemade soup.  Also Glen was blessed with so many BlueJeans that he was able to bless others with some!  Thank You Jesus
Celesta M. prayed to be able to see a movie.  She drove on a bus trip and the people gave her a free ticket.  Because she was the bus driver, she was paid also while she was watching the movie!  Thank You Jesus!
Cheryl S. prayed to be able to get home safely.  Answer:  She was driving home in the snow and slid off the road.  She cried out to Jesus and He got her back on the road and then she was able to drive home.  Thank You Jesus!

The Pastors want to give a Praise Report for blankets that were made for them.  They are so beautiful!  Thank You Jesus!


Trudy L.  prays for protection where ever she goes.  Praise Report:  Two young deer ran out in front of her, and a car to the rear of her.  She was able to avoid the deer and not have the person befind her hit her.  Thank You Jesus!
Mel L. reports that the first day back to work, after his injury, arrangements were already made for someone to lift all the heavy boxes to and from the warehouse so that Mel would not have to lift them.!  Thank You Jesus!