They overcame him(Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. At Crown of Life Fellowship we are believing for breakthrough in all kinds of areas this year 2017 and 2018. The following testimonies are from Crown of Life Fellowship Congregants. Whatever you are standing in faith for be encouraged that your breakthrough is coming soon!.
Here are just a few testimonies of what has been happening lately:

  • Ursala R. prayed for healing.  When the Evangelist Christian Hedegaard prayed for Ursala she no longer needed her walker!  Thank You Jesus!
  • Trudy L. prayed for a client’s uncle to be healed and to be well enough to leave the hospital.  He not only was healed enough to leave the hospital, but his family ministered financial help as well.  Thank You Jesus!
  • Mel L. prayed to be healed from walking with a cane, after 5 weeks of an injury.  Answer:  His physical therapist said he was healed very quickly.  Thank You Jesus!
  • Joe B. asked the Lord to heal a growth on the side of his face.  Answer:  It has slowly gone away.  Thank You Jesus!
  • Kasey P. was asked by a co-worker to pray for heer since doctors had found a mass on her brain.  Answer:  Her co-worker called her and said the mass was a cyst and the doctors were able to remove it easily.  Her co-worker only was off a few days of work.  She is good as new!  Thank You Jesus!
  • Joy P.  asked Jesus to have her second mammography x-ray come back that it showed nothing wrong.  Answer:  She went back to the surgeon and he said NO SURGERY NEEDED!  Thank You Jesus!
  • Pia M. prayed for one of her patients that had an open back wound.  When she prayed she felt the Lord’s anointing.  She told the patient to say “I am healed’ .
  The wound shrunk and now needs no more ointment for       healing.  Thank You Jesus!
  • Kasey P. asked Pia to pray and agree with her that the Lord would heal Kasey of a really bad headache.  The Lord told Kasey to sing the song:  The Joy of the Lord is My Strength.  Only minutes later it was all gone!  Thank You Jesus!


  • Kathy W. asked for the Pastors to pray for healing for her.  She was healed all at once of sinus issues, breathing, arthritis pain, GI issues, fever blisters, and her right arm got healed of all soreness and pain.


   •  Trudy L. needed healing on her left side of constant pain. Pat Bryson prayed for her, but she also kept speaking out Pastor Gretchen’s sermon that she was healed of ALL diseases and now she is healed of ALL pain! Thank You Jesus!
   • Kasey P. asked Sue B and Trudy L to pray for her swollen ankles. The very next day significant pain, swelling and stiffness was gone! She is healed! Thank You Jesus!
   • Rev. Pat Bear prayed for her shoulder to be healed.
A word of knowledge was called out for a hip and shoulder to be healed and when she raised her hands, the pain all went away!! Thank You Jesus!
   • Celesta prayed for her sugar count to go down and to be off her medication. Her sugar count came back to normal and she has been taken off all medication. Thank You Jesus!

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